Homebuyer Advantage Program

3Initial Underwriting and Approval Letter

I will work directly with you to review your income, assets and credit history to provide a letter of approval and determine the amount you can afford. Additionally, we take this a step further as your loan scenario will be run through the Initial Underwriting Process and Automated Underwriting System, giving you an advantage over other potential Buyers!

2House Hunt with Confidence

Let the home search begin! Shop for homes and use your Homebuyer Advantage Program Certificate & Pre Approval Letter to let realtors and sellers know you’re a serious buyer. Since you have completed more steps of the Underwriting Process than most other potential Buyers, this program gives you negotiating power that others won’t have.

Close Faster and Easier

The hard part is done since most of the paperwork is already complete! Once an offer is made and accepted, I’ll just need the Purchase Contract, Appraisal and Title Commitment to finalize the details of your mortgage approval and for the final review by the Underwriter.

Work directly with us to receive the best possible experience.

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